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Participant Quotes
"We were expecting to gain a few tidbits on teaching, but we left with strategies that have the potential to change the culture and attitude of our school forever."
...4 Teachers from Brooklyn College Academy, grades 9 - 10

"Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share in this awesome learning experience."
...Math Teacher, Cape Coral, Florida

"This conference was the best educational experience I've had since I left college. I've been to seminars, clinics, and all kinds of workshops, but this conference was more value than anything I've experienced. In the past week, I reflected more on my teaching practices than I've ever done since I began my career."
...Teacher of Middle School Science, St. Lawrence County, New York

"I was awed by your effort to make each person at the conference feel valued."
...Middle School Teacher, ELA, State of Delaware

"We had an amazing experience at the conference!"
...Social Studies Teachers, New York City, New York

"I want to say how much I enjoyed the week. The level of learning just continues to rise every year!"
...Staff Developer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Our team became a cohesive group of educators that truly have the kids at heart. We are going to really try to get together on a regular basis to discuss and encourage each other with things learned at this conference."
...Elementary Teacher, St. Lawrence County, New York
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Parent Involvement: Projects
      New York State's new standards for education raise the level that a student is expected to reach. These changes make it more important that parents actively support their childrens' learning. As schools raise standards, there will be a shift from classroom lecture and short answer tests towards projects. These projects will allow students to demonstrate what they are learning through activities that relate to the real world. These activity-based projects increase student interest and motivate them to achieve more.

These pages give parents the information needed to be a successful partner with their childrens' teachers. It illustrates simple, but important, ways for parents to support their childrens' learning through the 5 steps of a project:
  • Planning & Preparation
  • Starting the Project
  • Doing the Project
  • Culminating Event
  • Evaluating the Project
When Parents are Involved:
  • Students achieve more regardless of family income, ethnic background or location (urban/rural).
  • The school is better and its students achieve more
  • Programs outperform identical programs without parents
Parent Advisory Committee
  • Michelle Abdul-Sabur
  • Lisa Dargie
  • Sue Rau: drumlins@northnet.com
  • Roberta Stillin-Dowman: rstillin@twcny.rr.com
  • Susan Westbrook
  • Pam Yurgartis: yurgarti@northnet.org